What can you do if you forgot the PIN, pattern or password of your Galaxy device

As AchieveIt has increased remote work, our team has embraced the use of video. As many customers are now forced to work remotely, we’ve increased video conferencing with customers. Above all, recognize that a successful transition to fully remote work can take time. Set clear expectations up front as to what success looks like and maintain a culture of trust and accountability – both of which are key to a highly productive and energetic remote team. The bigger the team, the more you’ll need sturdy communication tools in your support tech stack that help you easily share information no matter where team members are located. The software should be user-friendly and intuitive for both the supporter and the end user, as this can save time and reduce frustration during advisory sessions.

Remote customer service agents with children also appreciate the ability to work from home, as they won’t be forced to take days off for sick kids. Remote customer service employees can travel more, so you won’t have to pay as many vacation days. (Remember, they can work from anywhere with a strong internet connection!) It’s a win-win. Working remotely enables employees to travel and take vacations without taking time off work, so your company gets more bang for your buck. Here are the top remote support software tools by Splashtop, the leader in reliable and secure remote support solutions at the best value.

Onboard your remote customer support team with these four steps

Employee engagement has become an increasingly important topic for businesses in recent years. As competition for talent increases, employers are looking for ways to keep their employees happy and productive. Remote Support Buyer’s GuideKnow what to look for when selecting the right remote support tool for your company. It’s important to note that Smart Lock must be set up while you have access to your device, as it cannot be enabled after you’ve forgotten your access credentials. If Smart Lock was activated prior to forgetting your PIN, pattern, or password, your phone can automatically unlock when one of the predefined conditions is met.

  • This meant a team of IT staffers had to dismantle call center offices, sanitize equipment, and mail it to their support agents’ homes.
  • At a minimum, agents working from home need a good computer or laptop with the latest operating system, a softphone, and a good-quality headset.

Live chat software lets you interact with your customers in real-time through a chat widget on your website or app. It helps you provide fast and convenient support and increase conversions and retention. Live chat software can also offer features such as co-browsing, video chat, screen sharing, or chatbots to enhance the support quality and engagement.

Remote Customer Service Representative Job Requirements

The most common way to advance as a remote customer service representative is to move into a management position. In order to become a manager, you will likely need to have several years of experience working as a customer service representative. Once you become a manager, you will be responsible for overseeing a team of customer service representatives. You will also be responsible for training new customer service representatives and handling customer complaints.

what is remote customer support

This method is still used in many businesses, but it also has some drawbacks. Not only do on-site visits take up time and resources, but they can also be more expensive than other methods of customer support. We are seeking a Customer Support Analyst who will own customer contact for all customer support requests, via the Linus Support Channel. The Customer Support Analyst will improve and expand the customer lifecycle through world class customer support. If you have a desire to help others, an interest in technology, and passion for the customer experience, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.


Following this, remote service software should require authentication for both the technician and the end user to ensure that only authorized individuals can access the remote session. This may include using strong passwords, two-factor authentication, or other credentialing methods. Another aspect is that the remote assistance software must allow what is remote customer service customization of the interface and branding to match your organization’s visuals. Customization options include choosing the color scheme, font style, or logo placement to create a personalized UI. Additionally, some remote assistance software may offer the ability to add custom text, images, and videos that align with your organization.

what is remote customer support

For instance, if you’ve designated your home as a trusted location, your device will recognize when you’re at this location and unlock itself automatically. We believe that diversity is critical to the growth of our company and understand the importance of fostering an environment where everyone has a voice. We are also committed to providing reasonable accommodations for candidates with disabilities during the recruiting process.

One of the key advantages of remote guidance tools is that they can help improve the productivity and impact of remote assistance, allowing techs to resolve issues from anywhere, at any time. Additionally, typical office distractions like idle chatter and prolonged breaks become non-issues. Consequently, remote customer service agents can optimize their productivity and dedicate more time to actual work compared to their in-office counterparts. AirDroid Remote Support is a powerful and efficient solution for remote support and lightweight management of mobile and commercial-grade devices. It lets you provide remote assistance to your customers or employees intuitively and securely using various tools and features.


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